Blastrac BDC-44 Dust Collector


The BDC-44, a four cartridge auto pulse dust collector, is preferred by professional contractors requiring continuous operation and high performance. It is designed for high productivity, easy dust handling and ease of maintenance.

The powerful motor and blower provide increased airflow and lift. The innovative silencer reduces noise and contains a slide gate to reduce vacuum when used with small equipment and hand tools. The side access panel allows unfettered access to filters. Couple this with the new filter retaining system, and filter maintenance/changing is fast and easy. The auto pulse cleaning system helps prolong filter life as the BDC-44 dust collector delivers a maximum airflow of 882 cfm and static pressure of 24.5 inches. The BDC-44 has three dust handling options: 26 gallon dust bin, Longopac and 148lb dust bag. With a state of the art design, heavy duty components and world class manufacturing, the BDC-44 is easy to maneuver, has a long service and provides a low operating cost.

  • Very compact but high performance dust collector
  • Automatic pulse jet cleaning system, 4 easy to change cartridge filters
  • High lift and air flow provide powerful suction with 3 in. and 5 in. dust hose
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • User friendly changeable dust handling options including Longopac®, dust bin, dust bag
  • Centered lifting eyes for user friendly lifting, maintenance and transportation
  • High lift and air flow provide powerful suction with 3 in. and 5 in. dust hose
  • 60 amp UL/CSA socket on electrical panel for connecting equipment

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Additional information

Weight 655 lbs


Blastrac BDC-44 Brochure



Airflow: 882 CFM
Power: 1 Powerful Motor | 230V, (32 amp), 3Ø
Weight: 655lbs
Filter: 4 Cartridge Filters
Dust Hose Connection: 3 in. (76mm) and 5 in. (127mm)
Dimensions: L 51 in. (1295mm) x W 26 in. (660mm) x H 53 in. (1346mm
Cleaning:  Automatic Pulse System
Static Pressure: 25 in. H20
Dust Removal: Dust Bin or LongoPac Bagging System


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