Advance ES4000 Rider Carpet Extractor


One machine does it all, faster.
The Advance ES4000 Total Carpet Care System offers complete versatility, from everyday carpet maintenance to deep restorative extraction.

You want productivity.

Upgrade from a fleet of dedicated use carpet extractors to a single high efficiency rider that offers vastly more productivity, better equipment utilization and faster cleaning. Realize productivity improvements of up to 400% over walk-behind sweepers and extractors. Clean better and clean smarter while reducing your total cost of ownership.

You want flexibility.

Only one machine offers the versatility to care for your carpeted surfaces according to your facility’s cleaning requirements. The Advance ES4000 lets you perform everything from daily touch ups of high traffic areas, to low-moisture cleaning, to periodic restorative extraction. All with complete control, simple, One-Touch™ operation and higher levels of productivity in one machine.

You want value.

Why maintain multiple machines to handle carpets when one capable machine can do it all? The ES4000 delivers value every day. Compare overall cost of ownership of the ES4000 with the carpet maintenance equipment you need now and you’ll find a Total Carpet Care solution.

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Additional information

Weight 1447 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 27.5 × 51.7 in


  • CRI approval Yes
  • Drive motor hp (W) 1.05 hp (780 W)
  • Sound level 65 dB A IEC 60704-1
  • Brush motor hp (W) Dual 0.5 hp (373 W)
  • Brush speed (RPM) 900 RPM
  • Dimensions, L x W x H (cm) 61 in x 27.5 in x 51.7 in (61 cm x 70 cm x 131 cm)
  • Electrical system 24 V 4 X 6 V batteries
  • Vacuum motor Dual 3 stage bypass
  • Solution capacity 28 gal
  • Recovery capacity 28 gal
  • Turning radius – left or right 62.5 in (1.59 m)
  • Cleaning path 28 in Dual counter rotating brushes
  • Machine speed 3.91 mph (6.3 kph) transport; 3.12 mph (4.8 kph) dry sweep; 275 ft/min (dry sweep mode); 130 ft/min (interim mode); 200 ft/min (pre-treat mode); 90 ft/min (restorative mode);
  • Waterlift/Airflow 67 in H2O / 90 cfm
  • Flow Rate Interim Cleaning Mode 0.3 gpm
  • Flow Rate Restorative Mode 0.8 gpm
  • Machine weight 587 lb (266 kg) without batteries; 1,447 lb (656 kg) with batteries and full tank
  • Solution pump 100 psi diaphragm demand
  • Flow Rate Dry Sweep Mode 0.1 gpm
  • Flow Rate Pre-Treat Mode 0.9 gpm
  • Vacuum shoes Dual pivoting laminar flow 40 lb down pressure
  • Max. coverage per tank 21,778 sq ft (interim mode); 4,078 sq ft (restorative mode)
  • Adjustable steering Included
  • One touch control panel Included
  • Open machine design Included
  • Onboard Chemical Mixing System Included
  • Refillable cartridges Included
  • Four Distinct Operational Modes Included


Advance ES4000 Brochure

Parts Manual


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